Crazy Mocha X iFinca

is an endeavor based out of Colombia and extends throughout the coffee - growing regions of the country and beyond, all the way into your coffee cup.


The Why

The United States of America is the largest consumer of coffee in the world, with the city of Pittsburgh being among the top ten coffee cities in the nation.

If we all commit to intentionally supporting our Colombian friends with fair wage opportunities and complete supply chain transparency from the farm to the cup, we’re that much closer to connecting the world and making a difference.

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The Coffee Village

Coffee is the largest employer in the developing world, Colombia harvests 12% of the world’s coffee every year.

Many of these coffee farms are inherited through generations, making the families who own them passionate and knowledgable about the best way to grow in their region. However each individual, family-run farm normally consists of a modest ten coffee trees.

Many families in these coffee farming villages are too small to benefit fairly from selling internationally through governmental trade agencies. This is where iFinca has stepped in. Building up a cooperative of small coffee villages that equally share trade costs and use blockchain technology to affirm proper trade costs at each step of the exporting/ importing process, iFinca empowers farmers to get their high quality, small farm beans to the U.S. while maintaining a comfortable living wage.


A Step Further

Fact: The average education level in Colombia is the third grade. With many families depending on the success of their coffee crop yield year round, it is not uncommon to find children leaving the classroom to learn the family trade.

Upon learning this we felt even more emboldened to support these communities through their coffee, but we couldn’t stop there. We wanted to do something to ensure the lives of these folks would bear even more fruit for generations to come.

That’s why, with every 12oz retail bag of iFinca Verified Coffee sold in-stores and online, Crazy Mocha promises to return an additional $2 to support ongoing educational efforts in these specific coffee-growing communities.

With every 12oz bag of iFinca verified coffee purchased, Crazy Mocha promises to return an additional $2 to implementing practical methods to support education in these coffee villages.